Aussie Rescue San Diego


Aussie Rescue San Diego & FriendsĀ is a non-profit organization in San Diego finding homes for Australian Shepherds, Aussie mixes and others.

Aussie Rescue San Diego

Gypsy, the inspiration for Aussie and Others Rescue San Diego, has a place of honor in Becky’s home, in a mural by the staircase.

Aussie Rescue San Diego was founded by Becky Rice. Twenty years ago, an amazing Australian Shepherd puppy named Gypsy came home to live with Becky and inspired her to start helping this amazing breed (and others). Becky volunteered with FOCAS (Friend of County Animal Shelters) for many years and acted as a representative for Aussie Rescue SoCal before starting her own rescue 7 years ago.

We at Aussie Rescue are working partners with all three San Diego County shelters, where we are called upon to take in dogs who have medical needs, puppies that are too young to be adopted out through the shelter system, and any dog who needs to be re-homed. We also take in many owner relinquishments, which increased recently due the economy and home foreclosures that caused the dog owners to no longer be able to afford to care for their pets (especially dogs with medical issues).

We rely on donations, fundraisers, and adoption fees to sustain our rescue. In 2012 we found homes for 114 dogs, and in 2013 we rehomed close to 200 dogs.

All of our dogs are placed into foster homes prior to adoption so we may evaluate the dog’s needs and the best type of home where he or she will fit. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated prior to adoption.

We have a trainer who volunteers with our rescue who has helped many dogs stay in their homes that otherwise would have be relinquished to shelters due to behavioral issues. Many times all a family needs is information and direction on how to deal with a problem, in order to prevent the dog from being sent to a rescue or shelter. We also provide training so the new pet parents can have a good start with their newly adopted dog from Aussie Rescue.

Please see our touching stories page to see and read about some of the special dogs we have rescued!

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