Aussie Rescue San Diego


About Me: I am a 60lb goofy and affectionate one year old wigglebutt! 

🔍:  Seeking someone who loves adventures and enjoys teaching me new tricks to maintain my good behaviors

I need…
– a home with a fenced yard to run zoomies
– a knowledgeable and patient owner who can help me build confidence and coping skills. I can be reactive when I feel challenged. I am uncomfortable when other dogs make me feel awkward so I will bark loudly at them. 

👍: Likes
– playing with toys
– getting attention and Aussie bootie rubs
– going on adventure walks
– taking afternoon naps
– working for treats 
– stealing my person’s chair even before they get up. I am famous for sitting tall in their chair and sticking my tongue out at them just to joke with them! 

Special skills: 

Looking to be greeted enthusiastically when you come home? I am not one to brag, but I just might get so excited to see you that I pee a little. I’ve improved but sometimes I really need to show you just how happy I am! (Pro tip, as long as you don’t lean over or try to pet me, I can contain my excitement and will mellow out after a minute or two.)

And in case you have not heard, all of the ARSD volunteers including my foster mom tell that I am a “Good Boi!” I love to make everyone happy. 

If you are interested in being my family,  click the ❤️ to fill out an adoption application.


About Me: I am a 17lb very smart one and a half year old boy who loves to work and perform! 

🔍:  Searching for a director who will only show

my good side (even though all my sides are good 😉). You must be confident and savvy or I will outsmart and outperform you.

I need…
– to be the only baby in the house. No other pets or children.
– an experienced owner who has dealt with little stinkers like me. 
– my own things. I can give on cue but don’t be trying to take MY things unless you know how to ask nicely
– a home with a fenced yard where I can do my “tricks” and speed racing zoom zooms. I got about 11 million spin moves! 

👍: Likes
– learning and showing off my skills. Get your treats and toys ready! You’re gonna need to pay me for my talents! 
-moving real fast. I can zip around super fast. If you blink, you might not even see me cause I am so fast. 
– hanging out with like-minded people. Respect me and I will trust and respect you!

My super power is dazzling people! With me at the end of your leash, people are going to stop in their tracks to tell you how cute I am and they will ask you a bunch questions hoping for a little touchy touchy. I look good doing what I do until that happens. When people get all oochy woochy coochy coo at me, my face contorts and I will have to tell them to get away from me. If you love me at all, you’ll keep my fans at a distance. 🤩

 I know my perfect match is out there and that they will value me for my unique and fun personality and my ability to do lots of fun things.

❤️ If you are interested in being my family,  click the heart to fill out an adoption application.


About Me: I am a four year old 25lb  mini aussie who can fit easily in your lap. I am a bit more of an introvert who prefers spending quality one-on-one time with my person(s). I am ok with calm well mannered dogs and cats but no kids please. 

🔍:  Searching for a quiet home with a compassionate, respectful and calm owner(s). 

I need…
-someone who will be patient with me since I am more of a homebody who is still afraid of new situations. 
– an adoring parent who will give me attention, especially bootie scratches!
– a fenced in yard to relax in and be worry free

👍: Likes
– playing with toys 
– chewing on bones
– hanging out with my person(s) while they work inside or outside. I like a good nap in the sun almost as much as I like resting next to your feet or lap. I will also follow you around to make sure you never fell lonely or get lost. 
– have I mentioned how much I enjoy getting brushed and having my butt rubbed? Pet me! Brush me! Please shower me daily with your loving attention!  
– going on quiet strolls around but nothing too far at this point since I still get a little carsick. I have not been in a car much. 
-alerting you when there is an intruder or car passing by (you can call me the neighborhood watch. You’re welcome!) I can be quiet though if you ask. 

I’ve been told I have a lot of untapped potential and that I am already such a sweet guy. Do you have a calm, demeanor and patient attidude that can help me get used to new situations? Imagine the friendship we could have! 

❤️ If you are interested in being my family,  click the heart to fill out an adoption application.