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Augie; 8 month old; Shepherd mix; Male; 55lbs now. Expected to be 75lbs or bigger when full grown

Name: Augie
Age: 8 month old
Breed: Shepherd mix
Gender: Male
Weight: 55 lbs now. Expected to be 75 lbs or bigger when full grown

Augie is a love bug! He has been friendly with everyone he has met. Loves to play with toys and hang out with his person. Augie will need training to learn basic manners and not to jump on everything. He has been good with the other dogs at his foster home. Augie needs a home with a yard and someone who has time to spend with him.

If you are interested in adopting Augie, please fill out our adoption application Please answer every question even if with “n/a” or it will not submit. We will respond to your application within 48 hours. If you do not hear from us, email us at


Skip; 2 years; Male, neutered; 40 lbs

Name: Skip
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male, Neutered
Weight: 40 lbs

Skip is looking for a home that will help him build his self confidence while having fun. He is a sweet energetic young boy… full of goofiness, loves to eat, train and play. He needs time to adjust to new things. Skip is most comfortable in quieter environments. He loves to hike but finds walking in busy neighborhoods to be very scary. A home with a yard where he can play ball, train and do his zoomies is a must for this boy! We do not recommend him for a home with young children, cats or other dogs at this time. He needs someone who is home more often than not and who can help him re-learn basic manners and build confidence. Skip is 2 years old, already neutered and up to date on his shots. He weighs 40lbs.

If you are interested in adopting Skip, please fill out our adoption application Please answer every question even if with “n/a” or it will not submit. We will respond to your application within 48 hours. If you do not hear from us, email us at



Jewell; 8 years old; Female; Mix, short wavy hair; 45 lbs

Jewell is truly a jewel. She is a mix of several breeds making her one of a kind ❤️ Jewell’s favorite volunteer sponsored her dna test and is preparing Jewell for a furever home.

Name: Jewell
Age: 8 years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix, short wavy hair
Weight: 45 lbs

Jewell was at a local shelter where she was so shut down, staff members had to carry her when moving her. She was very sick with pyometra, scabies, skin infection and more. They took excellent care of her and we rescued her as soon as we had an open spot. Jewell has come a long way! She is now healthy, has a gorgeous coat and sweet adoring eyes. She is still very shy with new people but usually will take food. Jewell has learned to walk on a leash but may need coaxing in new situations. Jewell has been great with her foster dog siblings and is very easy to live with. She is not good with cats! Becasue she is so shy, we ask for a home with at least a small yard and with no children since they will overwhelm her.

If you would like to adopt Jewell and give a loving home, please fill out our adoption application Answer every question even if with “n/a” or it will not submit. We will respond to your application within 48 hours. If you do not hear from us, email us at

  Courtesy Posts!

  Please contact Owners/Rescues directly


Patches; 18 month; Female, spayed; Australian Shepherd

COURTESY POST—Please apply through Aussie Rescue So Cal at (Norco area)

Name: Patches
Age: 18 months
Gender: Female, spayed
Breed: Australian Shepherd

Patches is a very active 18 month old spayed female Aussie that is looking for a home where someone can spend a lot of time with her and is Aussie savvy.  She gets along with her foster siblings but would do best with a male dog, she is not aggressive or food aggressive, she just tends to do better with male dogs (she is kind of bossy).  No cats or livestock, she wants to herd the goats and horses, okay with kids just very active so small children not recommended.  We are working on her leash training but she will need continued and consistent work with it, she is still young and hasn’t had much training done with her prior. She tends to be protective of her house and will bark at strangers but does warm up quickly once she knows you are not a threat.  Patches is housebroken, and if she gets enough exercise, sleeps well all night. Her coat was in poor shape and she was underweight when we bailed her out of the shelter, but she is eating well, has gotten her coat back and gained some weight.  She is very affectionate and wants to be by your side all the time, very much a people dog. She can and will jump a low fence to be with you so a secure fence is a must!!

If you are interested in this busy girl, please fill out an adoption application:   If you have filled one out prior, just send an email: aussierescuesocal@gmail.comcom  (Norco area)


Indy; Male, neutered; 55 lbs; Aussie

Courtesy post! Please read all info and contact owner Vicki at

Name: Indy
Age: 15 months
Gender: Male, neutered
Breed: Aussie
Size: 55 lbs

Indy is a 15 month old neutered male Aussie weighing 55lbs. He already has had 3 homes and now needs a new home asap. Per current owner: “This beautiful dog requires more training and time than I can give. When off leash he has no manners, boundaries, or self control. My understanding is that his former owner (we are owner #3) kept him on leash when in the house. Hence, he doesn’t know how to behave when free. He is a digger, grabber of anything around, and needs to be watched at all times to keep potential destruction activities from happening. He is NOT good with or around other dogs. On the plus side, he loves everyone (people), sleeps all night in his crate, and is very smart.”

Current owner did have trainer out and Indy did great working with trainer. He is acting out more and more in his current home so sooner is better before something worse happens. Please only serious inquiries with ability and time to work with this boy long term. Contact Vicki at


Kodo; Australian Cattle Dog Mix; ~3 years old; 38 lbs; Male, neutered

COURTESY POST—Contact Neal at or 404-2210-8011 (Laguna Woods area)

Name: Kodo
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Age: ~3 years old
Weight: 38 lbs
Gender: Male, neutered

Kodo is a happy, energetic boy who loves to chase balls. He has been in dog obedience class and obeys commands. Kodo is looking for a companion and a home with a yard. He also loves to stick his head out of the car when driving. Kodo sometimes snaps at other dogs and people when he is on the leash, but is fine at dog parks and obedience class. Kodo is microchipped and up to date on his vaccines.

Please contact Neal at or 404-2210-8011 for more information. (Laguna Woods area)


Zadie; Female; Australian Cattle Dog/Great Pyrenees/ Puppy

COURTESY POST—Apply through Helping Herders Rescue. Application:

Australian Cattledog/Great Pyrenees
Young Puppy

Meet Zadie. This cuddly, handsome red girl is half Australian Cattledog and half Great Pyrenees. That means she is smart, good with other animals, and will be big (70 pounds or so). She was born in mid-November 2018. Zadie is already crate trained and he is learning about house training. She has a very nice temperament and will be good for someone single or even a family. She will be amazing with a bit of obedience training. Zadie is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations. She is located in SoCal. Potential adopters must be able to meet and adopt in SoCal. We don’t ship our dogs. A home visit and vet reference are required.

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