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Name: Mugsy; Age: 5 years;  Gender: Male;  Breed: Australian cattle dog mix; Weight: 80 lbs (needs to lose weight)


Carter; 1 Year Old; Male; 30 lbs


Jewell 8 year old Female About 45lbs Aussie mix, short hair


2 yr old
Australian Shepherd,  small
Locket is currently in our rehab program where she is learning basic manners and how to interact comfortably with people. She came to us after being rescued from a large commercial breeder. She was severely matted and fearful of being handled. Locket is also learning to walk on leash. She still needs spay and medical evaluation. Please complete our foster application . 



7 1/2 years old
AustralianShepherd, small
Mystic was recently rescued from a commercial breeding operation. She is in our rehab program where she is learning to not be so afraid and anxious. Because her world has changed so much, she needs consistency. Poor girl is trying to figure out how to be a fun loving dog. Mystic has had a full dental and Is spayed. She is available to a home committed to working with a fearful dog.


8 1/2 years old
Australian Shepherd, mini
Trudy was recently rescued from a commercial breeding operation. She has been in our rehab program learning to be comfortable with everyday noises and situations. She loves to lay on her bed when visiting with volunteers and is enjoying being brushed and pet. While she tolerates the presence of other dogs, Trudy prefers to be the only dog in her home.

Trudy needs a full dental and spay. She is available for adoption to a home.



4 year old
Border collie
31 lbs
Stella is a great girl  She loves to help her person do ANYthing! She is a border collie...
Stella wants someone with a sense of humor and who can give her stuff to do even if just tagging along during the day. She may be scared of traffic, lots of new people, or loud noises so her owner will need to be patient and understanding. She does recover fast. She has been good with her foster siblings, unknown with cats and kids. If you would like to adopt Stella, please fill out an adoption application…/adoptionapplication/

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Blue; Female; Australian Shepherd ; 3 years old; 55 lbs

Australian Shepherd
3 years old
55 lbs
Please contact Theresa at

Per her owner:
Blue is a fun-loving, sweet and sensitive companion who has a special need for a peaceful and patient household. She is a rescue who has some insecurities and does not like to be left at home alone. Blue is eager to play with dogs her size or larger and loves to be around people but still needs to learn her manners around small children. With more training, consistency, and structure, she will make a wonderful family dog!

Although she appears to be quite independent, this sweetheart needs a lot love and attention! She is an indoor dog, however, a fenced backyard where she can EXPLORE nature and RUN around will make her very happy...she also enjoys long walks! If you are interested in adopting Blue, please contact Theresa at

Courtesy Post—Contact Mike at 515-520-2933 or (San Diego area)

Name: Dash
Age: 3 Years
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Gender: Male, neutered
Weight: 50 lbs

Dash is energetic, playful, shy/nervous at times, listens well and loves playing with other dogs. He likes to go on long walks, hikes, and runs! He enjoys playing catch/fetch with his tennis ball. He knows few basic commends but will need adequate time for exercising and training. He is not good with children.

Courtesy Post—Contact Emily

Name: Fiona
Breed: Terrier mix
Gender: Female, spayed
Age: 4 years old

Fiona needs a new home asap. She is very playful but will also lay on the couch all afternoon. When she plays, she has lots of energy! We think she would be best with a nice yard and a family that has time for walks. She has played well with dogs big and small! Unfortunately, Fiona and the other female dog in her household have gotten into some arguments and no longer get along. We believe she would be a great single dog or would pair well with an older dog. She loves her toys (even though she may not want to share!) and is crate trained. Fiona knows simple commands like sit, drop it, and stay. She gets mouthy and may nip when overly excited. Fiona would be great with a family that had more time to spend training her and perfecting her skills.

Courtesy Post—please contact owner directly: Sarah at 619-410-2824

Name: Colt
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 30lbs
Gender: Male

Colt needs a new home asap! He is not good with the other dogs he is currently living with.

Per owner:
"Colt is an amazing, athletic, smart, eager to please dog who knows basic commands as well as functional ones like staying out of the kitchen. He needs a home with no other dogs and an owner who can make sure he is safe around other dogs. He loves to cuddle and would be an ideal dog for a VERY active person who likes to hike and run. He runs 3-5 miles a day and gets out to play with a ChuckIt 2-3 times a day. He currently has 1/2 acre to run around and is on a raw diet due to skin allergies. We have a house cat whom he gets along with, they walk around together and sit near each other, though I never have them together unmonitored. Gets along great with kids, pukes in the car every time with or without food in his tummy" Colt is currently living with horses, goats, other dogs, a cat, a tortoise, and a potbelly pig. He has not once shown aggression towards any of the other animals other than the dogs. Colt is very well trained. He doesn’t use a leash when out and about and he will not wander if the gate is left open. Colt plays and does well at dog parks. He is highly motivated with a ball and one on one time with a person.

Please contact Sarah at 619-410-2824



Camille is a 2.5 yr old spayed female Aussie mix, about 57 pounds, who's owners are looking for a new home for her because due to health reasons, they are not able to give her enough exercise.  She is housebroken, crate trained, well behaved in the house, likes to go on car rides and likes to go on walks and walks well on a loose leash.  She is very smart, energetic and active, loves to play fetch with her balls or rope toys and likes working for treats and dog cookies and doing tricks.  No idea how she is with cats, sorry, and can be nervous/afraid of other dogs - she does have a couple of dog friends, but not comfortable meeting strange ones initially.  If you are interested in Camille, please contact her owners:  (Rancho Palos Verdes area)




Name: Austin
Breed: Aussie Mix
Age: almost 8 years old
Gender: Male

Seeking loving, patient home for Austin the dog, a special Aussie mix. Austin is almost 8 yrs old (turns 8 yrs on June 2018). He is neutered and house-broken, and responds to basic commands like sit, down, paw, shake, and come (and sometimes high-five!) He is generally an indoor dog and leaves the place without any wear and tear, but he definitely enjoys time outside and could function as both an indoor dog, outdoor dog or mix of both. He gets along well with other dogs (I also have a coonhound and have exposed him to many other dogs, he does best if the other dog is not an alpha type). Generally, he seems disinterested in cats but there has not been enough exposure to know how he’d react either way. Austin was rescued from a kill shelter as a puppy, and he has some trust issues that need to be re-established. He has biten one person who pet him, and this was because he did not know the person and had not warmed to them. Often he will bark and growl if he feels threatened. I generally ask all people either not to pet him or to pet him carefully and on his terms (hands undercupped, letting him be the one to approach). To me, he’s been special and sweet and loving, and gets along great with our other dog and my now husband (who won him over with a couple of walks outside). We now have a newborn and need to look for other alternatives as we don’t know how he’d react to a toddler petting him or doing something he didn’t like. He would do best with a patient, kind and attentive single person who wants to help build trust with him or a family without kids, with or without other dogs in the house. We live in Sacramento but have family in Southern CA and would drive for the right family who is seriously considering adoption. Feel free to reach me at if you have questions or want to consider adopting Austin.



Ivy is a beautiful spayed female blue merle Aussie, about 7 yrs old, and about 45 pounds.  She is housebroken, is primarily used to being loose indoors, is a high energy girl and enjoys playing frisbee/catch.  She does pull on the leash when walked and can be very barky when strangers come over, so some training/work on that would be a good idea.  She is NOT good with young children, cats or other female dogs, not sure about male dogs.  She has nipped the owner's 3 yr old granddaughter, who is now living with her, on the face, so thus the need for a new home for Ivy as soon as possible, before it becomes a bite situation.  If you are interested, please contact her owner Sue via email: (La Palma)



Courtesy Post—Contact Owner Directly: Jaime at

Name: Beau
Gender: Male
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Age: 2.5 years old

Beau is a neutered male Australian Cattle Dog Mix, he is 2.5 years old, fixed and current on shots (2/2/2018). He is a great dog, but has a very high energy level and some anxiety issues. He needs to be on a property with a lot of land and/or with an owner that is home more often. I walk and take Beau to the dog park as often as I can, but he still has a tremendous amount of energy. Beau does pretty well with other dogs although he can get nervous around large dogs. He has a companion dog with which he gets along well (my 4 year old Chihuahua mix Scooter). Beau has not shown aggression towards people except when I have taken him to the vet. However, he can be skittish around new people. He has received training and knows his basic commands.

Spooky and Taffy


Courtesy Post—Contact Owner Directly at 760-787-1828

Names: Spooky (Male, Neutered); Taffy (Female, Spayed)
Age: 6 years old
Breed: Terrier Mixes

These two small terrier mixes are seeking a new forever home after being sadly surrendered by their elderly owner. The female, all white, full of love and tail wags, wants you to know how much she loves you. The male, gray and white, is shy until he trusts you. She would be fine without him, but he cannot function with his sister.

Both get along well with most people (they have no experience with young children). They get along with most other dogs, cats, and birds.

Looking for an individual owner, couple, or family with time for a funny, low maintenance pair of house dogs. Prefer at least a small yard. They share a crate at night and like to sleep in mornings.

Both dogs are 6 years old, fixed, up-to-date on vaccinations, no special feedings or medical needs. Happy to answer questions from serious callers.

Located in Ramona. Adoption application and fee apply.