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Operation Perfect Match

– finding the perfect family for me!


I am a 60lb goofy and affectionate two year old wigglebutt! 

I want someone who loves playing and hanging out and also enjoys teaching me new tricks to maintain my good behaviors. 

– playing with toys
– getting attention and Aussie bootie rubs
– going on adventure walks
– taking afternoon naps
– working for treats 
– hanging out with my people

I need…
– a home with a fenced yard to run zoomies
– a knowledgeable and patient owner who can help me build confidence and coping skills. I can be reactive when I feel uncomfortable.  

My friends at ARSD say: “Jake is a Good Boi! He loves to make us all laugh. He is always happy to see everyone and eager to show off his toys. Jake is going to make someone the bestest friend ever!”

My friends at ARSD say: “Zippy is a smart boy and a lot of fun too! He is so much more than just a cute dog.”   

If you are interested in being my family,  click below to fill out an adoption application.


About Me: I am 8 months old and will grow to be about 35 – 40lbs. I am deaf but my vision is good. 

A good friend listens to you talk about your adventures. A best friend enjoys them with you. 🐾❤️🐾

Elliott is a deaf 8 month old bc mix (maybe Aussie). He will be about 35 – 40lbs. Elliott loves to get pets and cuddles. Lots of pets! He is learning basic things like how to pay attention, follow commands using hand signavls and also how to play nicely with other dogs. He will need a home with a safe fenced yard and someone who is home most of the time. Elliott will make the bestest buddy for hiking, training, playing and hanging out. He’s easy to walk with and his size is perfect! He is great with people and does play with some dogs but he is a deaf puppy who thinks it is ok to grab toys from other dogs and sometimes grabs fur when chasing. He does it all in fun. Since he is deaf, he cannot hear growls and being a puppy, he doesn’t  pay attention to subtle cues in the moment. He may also guard chews and food from nosey dogs depending on the situation. Elliott is not recommended for apts/condo living or families with young children. He will chase small animals and pester senior dogs. I

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out an adoption application.

Please note: Elliott is not recommended for apts/condo living or families with young children. He will chase small animals and pester senior dogs. 


About Me: I am a 17lb very smart almost two old boy who loves to work and perform!  

I am searching for a director who will only show my good side (even though all my sides are good ). You must be confident and savvy or I will outsmart and outperform you.

– learning and showing off my skills. Get your treats and toys ready! You’re gonna need to pay me for my talents!
– moving real fast. I can zip around super fast. If you blink, you might not even see me. I am that fast. 
– hanging out with like-minded people. Respect me and  I will respect you!
– sitting with my person on the couch getting lots of pets

I need…
– to be the only baby in the house. No other pets or children.
– an experienced owner who has dealt with little stinkers like me. 
– my own things. I can give on cue but don’t be trying to take MY things unless you know how to ask nicely
– a home with a fenced yard where I can do my tricks and speed racing zoom zooms. 

Ask anyone! My superstar power is dazzling people. With me at the end of your leash, people are gonna stop in their tracks to tell you how cute I am. They will ask you a bunch questions hoping to get close enough for a little touchy touchy. I look good doing what I do until that happens. If you love me at all, you’ll keep my fans at a distance. 

My friends at ARSD say: “Zippy is a smart boy and a lot of fun too! He is so much more than just a cute dog.”   

I know my perfect match is out there and that they will value me for my unique and fun personality as well as my ability to do lots of fun interactive things.

If you are interested in being my family,  click below to fill out an adoption application.


Name: JellyBean
Breed: Great Pyrenees (DNA test done)
Gender: Female
Age: 8 months old
Weight: Expected weight to be 85lbs once fully grown. 

JellyBean is as sweet as her name! She is friendly with people and other dogs. At 8 months old, she is still clumsy with no idea of her size. We rescued JellyBean from a local shelter where she was following her brother out of their yard. This girl is an inside dog! She loves to snuggle on the couch and play outside. She is smart and willing to please! JellyBean has learned some basic commands easily and will make a great therapy dog if guided by the right owner. She still needs consistent training, socialization and lots of love.

If you are interested in adopting Jelly Bean, please fill out an adoption application.

Courtesy Posts!

This section is dedicated to Becky Rice who loved connecting people and helping others. She had a gift for matching up a dog in need with a person in need.

Please contact Owners/Rescues directly.

Courtesy Posts are dogs currently still with their owners or another rescue. If you think you might be a good fit for one (or more) of them, please follow the contact instructions listed in the bio.


Courtesy Post! Ozzy is still with his owners but needs a new home with no children.

Name: Oswald (Ozzy)
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 33 lbs
Breed: Aussie / poodle mix

Read below to see if Ozzy might be a good match for you! All info per current owner.

Ozzy enjoys:
-Tug of war
-Mental Exercise, Learning new commands, earning treats, food puzzles… He’s very clever!
-Cuddles in the morning/evening
-Playing with other dogs
– Working with livestock (we have 2 goats)
-Being with and knowing where his people are. He positions himself between us and the door or wants to be touching us.

Ozzy can get over anxious with chaotic activity or when sensing someone is coming between him and his owners. He is protective of his people / space. Both up close and approaching our property. He does not guard his food or toys.

Ozzy has been a great family dog but he has shown aggression towards and even bitten while seeming to be protective of his human mom and daughter. He does not do these behaviors when with his human dad. Family has worked with a trainer and things have improved but Ozzy needs to be in a quieter home with no children.

He does well with other dogs. He has stayed at dog daycares without any issues.

If you are interested in meeting / adopting Ozzy, please fill out our adoption application so we can forward to his owners.


Courtesy Post! Bailey’s owner passed away and is currently being cared for by family members but she needs a home with no other dogs.

3 years old
30 lbs
Mini Aussie
Located in Simi Valley area

This sweetheart’s second name is cuddle bug! She LOVES to cuddle and is a total couch potato. She spends most days relaxing with her favorite blanket or on her plush bed. Bailey loves to play and run around in the backyard. She is shy with strangers but warms up rather quickly. She does bark when someone comes to the door but she listens when asked to stop. She loves cats but is aggressive towards dogs. Bailey is great with kids and has never nipped, even as a puppy. She is potty trained and crate trained as of recently. Bailey is great on a leash and sits when prompted. She enjoys car rides and is excellent in the car. Bailey was examined in Oct. 2022. A full blood panel was done and all looks great! Bailey has Mega Esophagus and takes a couple of medications daily. She is doing really well on her Fresh Pet soft food. She eats in a regular dog bowl and only has a few needs like limiting water, soft food, not visiting dog parks and taking her meds. If you would love to adopt this sweet cuddle bug, please fill out our adoption application so we can forward to her owner.


Keely is still with her owner in Norco.

2 years old
41 lbs
Deaf with limited vision
Located in Norco

Per owner: Keely is a friendly girl! She is good with people and other dogs. Keely loves water, loves to play and she is good in the car. She is very sweet and likes to cuddle and get attention. Keely needs someone who is home most of the time. She will bark if left loose alone but she does well in her crate.

If you can give Keely a furever home, please fill out our adoption application and we will forward to her owner.

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